Obama’s Reign of Terror - Puzzle (672 Pieces)

The Obama regime has been a nightmare. Every facet of traditional American life has been under constant attack by this administration. True to his campaign promise, Obama has set out to “fundamentally transform” our country.

Many people failed to ask the question; “To What?”. Painfully we are finding out as program and destructive program is unveiled by the administration in a tsunami of ill conceived regulations, midnite legislation, class warfare, racial unrest, and his attacks on American institutions, Religion and Churches, the concept of American Exceptionalism, our economic system of capitalism, healthcare, and even the Constitution of the United States.

Obama’s team of radical Leftist, Maoist, anarchists and socialists has undertaken a monstrous reengineering of our society. He cronies and czars represent the very worst elements of far left radical thought and anti American political theory.

The engine of Obama’s strategy is a deep dislike for the concept of American Exceptionalism. Our country’s history is a confession of guilt to Obama. He rejects the notion of our country as a noble protector of the world’s oppressed and destitute and sees our history as one of plundering the planet’s resources and wealth.

Discover all the frightening details of Obama’s Radical Administration, Friends, Mentors, Broken Promises, Progressive Agenda and more.

It’s all captured here in a remarkable 24" x 18", 672 piece full color jigsaw puzzle. A full size poster accompanies each puzzle to guide you through assembly and will serve as a suitable for framing poster for easy access afterwards.

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